Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
Death from the Vault, another Fallout Post

As you may or may not know each game in the Fallout series has a handy little gadget called a pipboy that acts as the tool to track stats, injuries, crap your carrying, quests, maps and all that jazz.

My finger got stuck in the bottle

My finger got stuck in the bottle

It also keeps track of kills. Now having played the first two several times, and maybe half way through Fallout 3 i have to wonder. Why doesn’t anyone from a vault get shot on sight? They are mass murderers wiping out those few losers left over after the war. I’m playing as a “good” character and i’ve already killed 147 humans, just imagine if i responded a little more aggressively at their quaint post-appocalyptic crapola. What’s that you say, you don’t like me bumping into you? How do you like lead bumping into you at 3000fps?

Anyhow, call your local sherriff, president, or whatever super mutant happens to be your leader and get them to ban vault dwellers, they are a dangerous bunch.

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