Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
Smoke While You Work in Vermont

This handy chart linked through Warren Ellis’ blog shows where you can smoke in the United States. Curiously, Vermont is the only state that allows you to smoke at the workplace when everywhere else is banned. In every place I have lived, I believe smoking was banned in the workplace before anywhere else. Or maybe those were all self-imposed? I would be interested to know why Vermont is different. Does anyone know?

Warren Ellis: Texas Has Never Looked Better to Me

Information from the state of Vermont: Vermont’s ‘Smoking in the Workplace’ Law

  1. Ninja Man: With Ninja Powers!
    2:27 pm on February 22nd, 2008 1

    Well, I dunno what it is about Vermont exactly, but I do know that Vermont was one of the pre-Union American republics, alongside California, Texas, and Hawaii.

    Vermontonians think they’re so special….

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