Friday, January 25th, 2008
Ron Perlman is the Greatest Human Ever!

There’s a lot of talk about who may or may not be the greatest this or that, but I can say without hyperbole that Ron Perlman is indeed the greatest human ever to walk the Earth. Not only does he have a really cool voice, stands over 7 feet tall, is a favorite of the ladies and a hero to men, and has magical powers; he also is currently in 17, yes 17 upcoming projects scheduled for or coming out this year!

And check out the list-
Acts of Violence -Co-Starring Tom Hanks’ brother
The Mutant Chronicles – With John Malkovich-Fighting evil mutants in the future
Killer by Nature -?
Hellboy: The Science of Evil -Is this a game?
I Sell the Dead -About grave robbing
The Legend of Secret Pass – With Frankie Muniz
Fallout 3 -“War. War never changes”
Vacuuming the Cat – Plays a “wise cowboy”
Conan: Red Nails – He’s fucking Conan!
The Dark Country – Finds a body while on honeymoon
Turok – Video game movie…?
Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Hooray!
Outlander – Vikings fighting a space monster! With Jesus! (James Caviezel)
Untitled Gehenna Project– Has Cuba Gooding, and Henry Rollins, both box office poison. Can Ron save it?
Streetlight – ?
Hellboy Animated: The Phantom Claw -Syre, why not.
At the Mountains of Madness– Del Toro directing Lovecraft, this will be weird.

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