Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
One Click Democracy By Phone

The site CommitteeCaller.com was blogged recently at Boing Boing: CommitteeCaller: phone an entire Congressional committee with one click. I’m already making notes to check out the open source PBX system, Asterix PBX mentioned in the post. Beyond my general hacker’s interest in the technology, the application is very interesting. How long will something like this be useful? At some point, if this type of website is used, copied, and used some more, the congressional offices won’t be able to staff enough people to deal with the phone calls.

That said, the application built here has some cool features, such as the information prompting it gives for each call, with names and information about who you are being patched through to.

Anyone interested in putting something together for Canadian Parliament?

Link: CommitteeCaller.com

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