Friday, December 21st, 2007
Advent Beer Calendar

Forget about chocolate and wussie pictures behind doors! Check out the Brew Site, and their holiday feature: The Advent Beer Calendar 2007. Its 21 days in and I’m just finding out about this, so it will be a stretch to catch up before Christmas, but challenges are what keep a man in prizes. Or a loser in business. There you go – something quotable:

“Challenges are what keep a loser in business.”
– Boil Before Drinking

Young’s Christmas Ale (via the Brew Site)

This beer breaks the mold for a seasonal a bit in that it’s an English Bitter style at only 4.3% alcohol—but really, after so many spiced, strong, darker seasonal beers, who wouldn’t want to take it easy and toss back a few session bitters?

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