Thursday, October 4th, 2007
Barbara Ann

No, actually I think it’s “bomb iran” (thank you John McCain)… that’s right sports fans, get ready for the next big hit… The Nation is looking at it, and in a different story they also note that the one man (round 2) trying to stop the madness is on the neocons’ hit list again:

THE GOOD INSPECTOR: “I think Mr. ElBaradei, frankly, is wrong.” So said Dick Cheney on Meet the Press in March 2003, on the cusp of the US invasion of Iraq. Four years, one war and a Nobel Peace Prize later, Mohamed ElBaradei has most emphatically been proven right. Cheney, Judith Miller, Ahmad Chalabi, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal were, frankly, wrong. There were no WMDs in Iraq; the infamous aluminum tubes were duds; the Niger documents were a forgery. As director of the IAEA, ElBaradei testified to all this in the run-up to war. For insisting on the virtue of diplomacy, he was condemned in the press for abusing his “technical position” and making “a public fuss.”

History repeats itself: now that ElBaradei has negotiated an inspections agreement with Iran and opposed the “crazies” who want to “go and bomb Iran,” the press has launched another smear campaign. ElBaradei is a “
rogue regulator” who “considers himself above his position as a U.N. civil servant,” opines the Post. He is an “accommodating Egyptian” with “pro-Iranian machinations,” warns the Journal. Even the chastened New York Times–which recognizes ElBaradei as “everyone’s best hope”–repeats the Administration line that he has inappropriately become a “world policy-maker, an advocate.” The obvious lesson from 2003–that it was the neocons who politicized inspections in Iraq, to ruinous effect, while the inspectors rightly resisted–seems to have been lost.

  1. Brother Greg
    2:44 pm on October 5th, 2007 1

    El Baradei? That sounds like a terrorist name.
    Speaking as a member of the Goldfish memoried public I don’t think we should trust this guy.

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